PRE-K Visits Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative

"It's always good to be able to educate children on the safety regarding electricity." Said Director of Member Services Eddie Albin. "Especially with summer approaching and all the kids being out playing, it's always a good reminder of the dangers and to respect everything electrical."

Eddie Albin of SWTEC demonstrates SafeCity
Michael Ballew of SWTEC shows
and talks about the bucket truck.

On May 21, just before the end of school, Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative hosted some students from Schleicher County Elementary School. The students got a demonstration on SafeCity.  SafeCity  is a large visual model using figurines and props as different everyday scenarios, from a kid flying kite close to a power line, someone climbing a tree close to a power line, someone playing around transformer, and several others examples that can be tragic if not respected.  During these situations, it creates a big spark on the model to show when one of the figurines has done something dangerous and creates an electric pop and shock. The students then got to see all of the equipment that a lineman uses to help keep themselves safe while working with high voltage or being up on a power pole.  Finally, the kids got to see a display of Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative 1st Class Lineman Michael Ballew, operating a bucket truck and how to get up high enough to reach the electric lines on a pole.

SWTEC Eldorado Line Superintendent talked about the expressions on the kids faces. "It's always neat to see these kids eyes get big and faces light up when they see the SafeCity demonstration. They really get into it and hopefully it will stick just how important electric safety really is." 

Instilled since the beginning of the coop in the 1940's, Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative has always put electric safety at the top of priorities. Whether it has to do with the work we do everyday or keeping the communities we serve safe and aware of the dangers of high powered electricity. For more information about coming to visit to SWTEC or having SWTEC come out to do safety education and demonstrations, please contact Eddie Albin or Neil Cooper.


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