Pole Top Rescue Training

Pole Top Rescue Training

SWTEC Annual Pole Top Rescue Training     


Johnny Lee Arispe of SWTEC completing
pole top rescue training.

     SWTEC Annual Pole Top Rescue Training -  Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative hosted Curtis Whitt, Safety Instructor from (TEC) Texas Electric Cooperative, to lead this annual event.  With safety being a way of life here at SWTEC, it's a great time for the everybody at SWTEC to pause, practice, and remind of the importance of being prepared.

"We've never had to use it in the field and it's one of those things that you pray you never have to use, but it's good that everybody practices and prepared just in case," says SWTEC First Class Lineman Eric Penkszyk.

SWTEC lineman from Ozona, Big Like, and Eldorado
participating in the pole top rescue training.




     SWTEC lineman from Ozona, Big Lake, and Eldorado met at the practice climbing pole at our headquarters in Eldorado. With a life like and real weighted dummy, Instructor Whitt ties the dummy at the top of the pole to create a real life, possible emergency scenario. Each lineman has to climb up to the top of the pole, tie and secure a rope around the dummy, and safely lower the dummy to the ground. All of this has to be done within a safe and timed manner to be certified in pole top rescue.


"Curtis Whitt does a great job on reminding us that even though it is tempting to want to be fast, it's easy to get too fast. He always says "slow is smooth, and smooth is faster". says SWTEC Second Class Lineman Diego Sanchez. "I'm glad SWTEC takes the time to do this because it is so important to know and to practice something that could save a fellow brother so he can get back home to his family."

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