Disconnect/Reconnect Information

Disconnect/Reconnect Information

Disconnect and Reconnect Information


Bills for electric service are sent out each month. The net amount of the bill is due upon receipt and delinquent after 16 days from the date the bill is issued. After proper notice has been given, the service is subject to disconnection if not paid within 26 days from the date issued.


If the service is disconnected for non-payment, a trip fee of $50.00 will be charged. A reconnect of service after a disconnect will be charged an additional trip fee of $50.00.


It is to every member's advantage, and greatly simplifies SWTEC's work, if bills are paid on time. If, for some reason, a bill cannot be paid within 16 days, please contact the office and possibly some arrangements can be made.


Don't ignore your responsibility and allow your service to be disconnected for non-payment. This creates extra expense and inconvenience for you and extra work for your SWTEC office and crew. Your cooperation is appreciated and is to your advantage.