Cyber Security News

Cyber Security News

Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative Cyber Security Tips and News

Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative knows with the ever-changing world of technology, it's not only important for us to help educate our members about cyber security, but to help reassure our members we are taking every measure to keep member's data and electricity safe with us.  

Here are few Cyber Security tips:

Be on alert! The bad guys have a new way of stealing your login credentials. They target you by sending you an invite via email to open a SharePoint document. The link takes you to an actual SharePoint page where you will see a OneDrive prompt. The prompt will have an “Access Document” link in it- don’t click this link!

This link is malicious and will take you to a fake Office 365 login screen. Any credentials you enter here will be sent to the bad guys. Don't be tricked.

Whenever you're submitting login credentials to any site, make sure to check the URL of the page for accuracy. Also, remember to always hover over links to see where they are taking you.

Remember, Think Before You Click.


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